Our services are designed to help our individuals achieve their personal goals.
Young adult men with disability engages in self study

Promise Day Habilitation offers a variety of services that help every individual of our day habilitation achieve their personal goals in an engaging yet safe environment.

Our services focus on encouraging, supporting, and helping participants to:

  • Obtain or enhance social and communication skills
  • Maximize and maintain functional life and self-care skills
  • Access opportunities for meaningful recreation
  • Engage in health and wellness activities
  • Engage in a variety of educational, volunteer, and employment opportunities
  • Learn to self-advocate

These are the services we offer:

Building Confidence

We help our individuals uncover and explore their identities, helping them appreciate their unique personhood and be confident in themselves.

Community Inclusion and Building Socialization Skills

Through engaging activities and trips around the community, we allow our individuals to develop and nurture social skills. This will help them connect with the world and other people better.

Health and Safety

Our program coordinators prioritize the health and safety of every individual. Our center is an environment that is conducive to their wellness and enjoyment. Every activity gives them the best possible experiences without endangering their security and integrity.

Critical Thinking

Our activities are designed to engage and nurture our individuals’ capacity to use critical thinking. This helps them build this faculty and be more confident in using for daily life.

Music Relaxation Therapy

Our program includes music relaxation therapy, which harnesses music’s unique property of easing stress and soothing the consciousness. This gives our individuals a way to relax and unwind in an easy yet effective manner.

Dance and Aerobics

Our individuals’ health matters to us. We provide dance and aerobic activities that allow them to engage in physical activity in a fun and nurturing way. We always take every individuals’ capabilities into account for every activity.

Job Skills

We introduce our clients to various possible employment opportunities by utilizing and enhancing their skills. Employment classes, computer skills, interview mentoring, and job training are offered, and we let them demonstrate their skills in a volunteer setting.

Current Events

We provide dynamic ways to incorporate current events into our individuals’ life-enrichment programs and activities. As much as possible, we want them to be up-to-date with what’s going on around them, whether in the facility or the community.

Money Skills

We strive to make our individuals financially literate by teaching and counseling them about proper money management and budgeting.

Physical Fitness Activities

To promote a sound quality of life, we introduce them to physically enhancing activities. We engage them in outdoor sports and games, trips, walks, and more to help them stay active and interact with others.

Recreational Activities

We believe that our individuals should not be deprived of enjoyment in life. So, we offer activities to give them entertainment and recreation. They are given the freedom to pursue the things they enjoy during their leisure time.

For more information about our services, call 732-658-6117. Set an appointment today to learn how to experience these services first-hand!